I am a Manufacturers' Representative for HVAC products specializing in Boiler Breeching, B-Vent, Condensing vent and Louvers in the Bid and Specification market For Over 30 years. I actually field measure for you once the appliances are in place prior to ordering to ensure that you receive the correct pieces to do the job, which makes your job easier. When requested I will have the manufacturer compute draft calculations to ensure a properly sized single or multiple appliance system. My territory is Eastern New York, from Syracuse to the east border, and the north Border South to Westchester and Rockland County. My cell phone is always on and can be reached after business hours and weekends as well. 518-376-3672. My Company mission is do it right the first time and move on to the next job.


Breeching, Category 1, 2, 3, and 4, Condensing Vents, and Grease Ducts
Industrial Ceiling Fans and Door Curtains
Roof Products, Roof Curbs, Pipe Portals, and Roof Pedestals
Louvers, Dampers, and Penthouses
B-Vent, Insulated, and Non-Insulated
Auto Draft Fans, and Combustion Air Fans


1213 County Highway 107
Fort Johnson, NY